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With each new obstacle, you grow a little more, building resilience and strength to weather any storm. You grow through what you go through.

~Jasmine Tilman~

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10 Tip's to hold yourself accountable, For The Life you want to live.

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Get a Grip Will Ya"!

Unlock Your True Potential. Embrace Self -Discovery and Success!

In this generation, we often find ourselves caught up in the hype of others, forgetting the most important values of self. Introducing a 100-page motivational journal that'll change the trajectory of your life! This journal is here to offer long-term guidance, becoming the best friend you've longed for: 'YOURSELF.' I've also faced struggles on my journey to success today. Tune into your Momentum Circle to discover your true worth.


"Dive Deep into the Imaginative Depths of a Three-Time Best-Selling Author's Self-Published Masterpieces."

Jasmine Tilman



It was all gravy for a young, successful entrepreneur until one day when his seemingly wholesome life took a turn for the worse. The lies he buried inside his mind had finally caught up to him. Now, he must face the music for growing up with the wrong crowd. His dangerous reputation puts the life he's built, constructed from blood, sweat, and guilt, to the test, all while battling an internal war with his mind and sanity.


Sometimes the mind is only imprisoned

A loving, sweet girl turned cold years after her childhood was snatched away, leading her to get involved with the wrong kinds of people as a teenager. After deeming herself a lost cause, Nautica’s world came crashing down on her for being the reason her closest people started dropping dead around her. Now that she's been away for so long, she has to figure out how to adapt to a lifestyle in which she never knew peace, all while having a huge target on her back.


"Ink Fusion: Co- Author Collaborations "

Girl, Get Up and Win Every Day

"Girl, Get Up and Win Every Day" is a powerful book that will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles. In this book, real women who have triumphed against adversity share their daily inspiration and success stories.

This book offers everything you need to keep going, whether you're having trouble figuring out your mission, dealing with a challenging circumstance, or need some motivation. You'll find motivational passages and stories meant to inspire you and help you reach your best potential.

Everything is possible if you believe in yourself and are willing to work hard. So, if you're ready to start living your best life, read "Girl, Get Up and Win Every Day" and start winning today


Made To Lead Millions Mandate

Get ready to be inspired and transformed by the anointed authors appointed to this MANDATE Project!

These co-authors carry the MANDATE to bring breakthrough, release prisoners from the prison of their minds, sever the cycle of poverty from the reader’s circumstance, and convey hope after years of disappointments! With the release of this book, we offer the keys you need to emerge, arise, and complete the necessary phase that has brought you to the point of discovery! Your MANDATE is purposed to settle you into your sweet spot—a place for you to flourish, be fresh, and maximize the multiplying factors that God planned for you to grow in. It’s the promise plan God created just for you.

This paperback features eleven co-authors: Krystal Henry, Dr. Shirley Clark, Dr. Dianna Zenon, Prof. Gaynell Gainer, Bridgette Johnson, Jessica AA Highsmith, Angela B. Walker, Jasmine JR Tilman, Kurston Carter, Deveina Reynolds, and Shereen Reeves.


Write and Publish Your Book:
Authors tell their stories Kindle Edition

Everyone has a book inside them — a story to tell, a lesson to teach, or a message to share. However, many people struggle with shaping that book, writing that story, and putting it out into the world, often due to a lack of knowledge or courage. Does this sound familiar? If so, then this is your book.

In this anthology, multiple authors contribute their stories, sharing how each came to write and eventually publish their books. These personal journeys will inspire you, providing tips and strategies to bring the book inside of you into the hands of readers eagerly waiting for it.

Consider this guide as fuel to write and publish your own book, especially if you haven't done so. These success stories are shared by the authors from their hearts to yours. Just do it!


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